Convert your images
into a premium
Ad unit
An Image as Inventory Management tool for Premium publishers
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As a publisher you can monetize images (ad units) by selling inventory direct to the advertisers
Our technology turns your images into a premium inventory and every page into an
opportunity to earn new revenue by over laying a beautiful relevant rich media ad over the images
Image Inventory Management
As a Publisher you get the complete picture of your Image inventory that is categorized for relevant advertiser categories across their entire website in one dashboard. It opens up new ways to sell your inventory, which means more targeted buys for advertisers and better yield for you
Targeting & Placement
Our technology provides granular insight into your inventory, which is important for you to target advertisers with campaigns for placements depending on context. Contextual relevancy based on both Image and the editorial content helps you to provide more personal advertising experiences to your consumers through these kinds of ads
Brand Safety
Not all images are best to be an ad unit.Our technology analyzes every single image that is being fetched for obscene/porn/nudity content and also the system scores individual web pages against several content categories, including: (Adult Content, Offensive Language, Illegal Downloads, Illegal Drugs, Alcohol, Hate Speech) makes sure no ad is being placed over those image
Image ad units are a premium inventory because,Images are the highly engaged content on the web. According to Google it takes up atleast 70% of the real estate in every website. Over laying an rich media ad over the image promises on 100% viewability of the ad. We also provide contextual relevancy and brand safety that can be extended to advertisers